IT Security Defenses and Prevention

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Security Products and Services

Pentadata Security Products and Services
Pentadata Defense and Prevention Technology

Defense and Prevention Technology

pentadata firewall
Detect and protect attacks that attempt to steal corporate data with smart deep scan protection.
pentadata data loss prevention
Data Loss Prevention
Identify, monitor and protect your sensitive data in storage and over the network.
pentadata web application firewall
Web Application Firewall
Monitor HTTP traffic to and from a web application. Protect your application against all OWASP top 10 Risk.
pentadata apt and advanced threat detection
APT and Advanced Threat Detection
Cyber threat protection solution that help organizations minimize the risk of costly breaches by accurately detecting and immediately stop evasive attacks.
pentadata email security
Email Security
Prevent the transmission of emails that break company policy, send malware or transfer unwanted information.​
Pentadata SOC Framework

Security Operations Center Framework

Identify the risk assessment and risk mitigation. Determine what risks facing in the achievement of control objective.
Threat Hunting
To identify what are the internal hosts that seemed suspicious able to get more information on one of the events and showing the severity.
SOC Alerting (Monitoring)
Continuously monitor and proactively alerts any known & unknown threat.
Security Tools (Detection and Prevention)
To detect, contain and remediate across the entire cyber security kill chain & attack life cycle.
Pentadata Penetration Test Services icon

Penetration Test Services

Penetration Testing Services for doing authorized simulated cyber-attack to evaluate security readiness of the system.
OWASP Methodology


A proven methodology for web and mobile application security testing guide and software assurance maturity model.
PTES Standard


The penetration testing execution standard is a well known benchmark for security testing guidelines.

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